How to request for a custom designed set: 

  1. Send me a DM on IG @lbnailartist or send an email at  ( with images (inspo pictures), ideas, and/or concept of what you would like for your custom design. 

  2. Include your nail size & desired nail shape/length.
    *If you don’t know your size yet, please order one of our sizing kit to make sure you get the perfect fit.

  3. If you want to include any other items to your order feel free to mention them in your message as well.

  4. Depending on the complexity, I will reply back with a sketch before I send you the pricing. If you decide to proceed with the order you'll need to provide an email address where I can send the invoice to and your shipping address.

  5. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours to secure your order spot. 


  • Custom designs are NOT exclusive to the one who asked for it. 
    *If I feel like adding the design to my store afterward, I ENTIRELY deserve the right to do so (some exceptions may occur).
  • I do NOT recreate designs from other press on nails sellers.
    *I can make a new design inspired by it but no integral replication.
  • I do NOT make nails with "Characters" (Disney, Hello Kitty, Anime, etc.) to avoid law issues since I do not own the rights to use their designs and to protect their intellectual property.
    *I'm willing to make character inspired nails (textures, feeling, colors) but no clear representation.
  • I DON'T do "designer" inspired nails (logos and brands have copyrights)
  • Basic sets (single colors) are not considered a custom but I do have many other colors that are not listed. If there's a specific color you'd like to purchase that you don't see here just send me a message and I'll help you out finding the perfect shade. 
  • I don't accept and make every custom request. The design has to fit my design style or I need to feel inspired by it. 



  • A set of 10 nails that comes in a black gift box
  • Care kit : mini file, cuticle pusher, mini buffer and alcohol wipes (Glue and tabs are NOT included)
  • Application and removal instructions