LB NAIL ARTIST isn't just a BRAND! 
It's an artist, a one woman operation who wants to share her passion with the rest of the world.

I'm a French Canadian certified nail tech since 2008, located near Montreal (Quebec). It all started during Spring 2018 when I had left my former job as a Graphic Designer and wanted to live my dream of having my own brand. 

Our luxurious press on nails are ALL handpainted by myself and myself only, our nail sets are NOT mass produce because for me quality is more important than profits. All designs are painted with top quality products (such as Bio Seaweed Gel, Après Gel, Ugly Duckling, Madam Glam, etc.) and I only use real Swarovski crystals.

These trendy press on nails offer the best alternative to salon manicures.
They are fashionable, high quality, reusable, safe and very durable.

If you haven't tried them yet, stop waiting...it will change your life!


Thank you so much for ordering from my store, you are helping an artist live of her dream! <3
- Laurence B.